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Monday, February 05, 2007

A new story by Bug

Once again, Bug got out her Pocket Ref book and "read" me a story. Like all others in that book, it's "by Mercer Mayer".

Rocket by Mercer Mayer

One day a dog wanted to go up into space for REAL and he asked his papa if he could go into space.
And there's a wolf by their house that letted the little dog go up into space for REAL to see all the planets because he thought it looked interesting to look up into space.
And then there was a rocket by their house because a wolf lifted a huge rocket.
That wolf was a coyote.
Now it's time to experiment rockets for REAL.
(looking at pages of numbers in book) These numbers are for experimenting rockets.

Books, books and more books!

Just before Christmas we finished reading The Wizard of Oz. In early January we got the DVD from the library and watched it. Bug LOVES the story. Our next chapter book was The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White. Bug was drawing a lot of swans during that. We just finished it last night, so we had to pick a new book today. We're going for something lighter/sillier. We've just finished the first chapter of Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary. Since "Ramona" is 4, like Bug, she thinks it's pretty cool.

Besides the chapter books, we've been reading lots of books about volcanoes, caves and bats. We're especially hitting the volcano books, because Bug will be seeing a REAL VOLCANO in April. The two of us are taking the train to visit my oldest sister for her birthday. While there, we'll be seeing Mount St. Helens. Bug can hardly wait.

Bug's current favorite video is Pinnochio 3000 (aka P3K). It's a computer-generated cartoon. Instead of a wooden puppet, Pinnochio starts out as a robot. It's really well done and we all love it.

Last Friday, the three of us went out of town to hear/see Garnet Rogers perform. We had a great time. Bug's first comment, when we walked in and she saw him getting his gear set up on stage was "is that what he looks like?" He laughed. He mentioned that later (after telling the audience her name) and said "she's just another in a long line of women that I've disappointed." The next night he was playing in the town where Bug's daddy works. He was visiting the guitar shop and was talking to one of the salesmen. He told him that he'd met a great little kid the night before and that had he been guaranteed one like her, that maybe he and his wife would have had kids. Wow.
Bug drew a picture for him and I took a couple of photos of them together. I hope that they turn out. In one, he's helping her hold a very small 12-string guitar.