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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tooth number 6

Bug had a miserable day on Sunday. The top left tooth was so loose that she didn't want to eat anything. Around midnight she woke up and it felt odd...while in the hallway it came out. She then sat down to write a note to the tooth fairy and to have a snack, as she was STARVING.

Here she is this morning with the gold coin that was left for her.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mudboy-summer 2009

Bug discovered this statue when she was 1.5 or so and just loves it. We try to take pics of her with mudboy whenever we can. We made a new shirt just for the occasion.

Here is Bug with the original mudboy...made of mud, not bronze! We had never seen this before.

The Meat Puppets!!!

Bug's dad & I got to see the Meat Puppets a couple of nights ago. Bug was a little bummed that she couldn't go, but she did have a fun evening. Before the show, she was able to meet Curt Kirkwood, guitarist/lead vocalist of the Meat Puppets. She gave him a note listing her two favorite MP songs: Comin' Down and Flaming Heart.

She then asked him to pose for a photo. He scared her by asking her to hold this (fairly heavy) guitar while he held the matching bass. She chose to just stand next to him.

While he was checking out the acoustic guitars she went in and said "Excuse me, Curt....would you play one of my favorite songs?" He chuckled and proceeded to play part of Flaming Heart and quite a bit of Comin' Down. Bug was curled up on the floor, looking up at him. I wasn't able to get a pic, as I didn't want to spoil the moment. Let's just say that she was very, very happy. He signed her (it WAS mine...she has claimed it) copy of "Too High To Die".

The show was great! I managed to score a table with stools in front of a fan...not sure I would have made it, otherwise. It was a bit warm in there. Greg Norton, (bassist/Husker Du) got up and played a bit. That was cool to see.

Bug's book....chapter 4

Chapter four: The Funeral
Kiara and Kovu's daddy came to his funeral. "*sob* he was only 10 when *sob* he *sob-sob* died." said Kiara. "I know." said Kovu's father.

"Let's put his belongings there!" said Kiara. "I agree." said Kovu's dad. ROARrrrr!! they roared.

The next day, Kiara gave birth to a new cub. His name was Theodore, because his whiskers were bluish-white-and-black.

This is a picture of Theodore.

But after birth, a cyclone raged! It tore their stone house to pebbels. And they said that maybe the go to Noah's Ark and find help.

Bug's book....chapter 3

Chapter three - Fossil Class

One day, it was fossil class day! Kovu was very exited. "Now I can dig and find bee-ootiful things instead of pee and poop! exclaimed Kovu.

One Thursday (wich was a fossil day) Kovu was having a fever. He took H2O medicine pills and slips and check-ups, but they didn't work. He was getting worse! He was about 10 when he died.

Bug's new book... Rule-o-Lions-AND-Lionesses chapters 1 & 2

Bug has been busy writing a book. I'll post a photo of each page so that you can see her writing and illustrations. I'll also type out the text (not using her random capitals & lowercase letters, for ease of reading, but keeping her spelling and punctuation). Let us begin:

Chapter one birth of a lioness

One day there was a lion named Kovu. He was hunting and he pounced on a lioness! "Hey!" shouted the lioness. "Sorry." said Kovu. He licked his big paw. "let's play!" they shouted. but nearby, Zira was listening and snarling. She leapt in front of Kovu! "You are not going anywhere, Mr. Fuzzypants!" They left.

A lion named Mufasa has a lovely wife named Queen Sarabi. She gave birth to a lion cub. He was named Simba. One day he drank so much that he peed on a tree.

Chapter two The Wilting Tree
One day Kovu sighned up for fossil class. "What are you doing?" screamed Kiara, a sweet, but dangeros lioness. "Signing a form." said Kovu. "What?" yelled Kiara. "I said, I'm signing a form!" screamed Kovu. "Oh...ok." said Kiara. Soon, they married.

And sure enough, as Kovu's father had said, the tree WAS wilting.