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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Portland - 2013

there are a LOT of photos 

Once again, we took a family vacation to Portland OR in September. We just love it there! While there, all three of us were already talking about next year's visit.
I do some posting on a large homeschooling board and one of the moms from that board (who happens to live in our state) contacted me a while back with some questions about train travel. Their plans fell through, but a year later they were making the trip to OR. Our schedule was pretty flexible, so we booked tickets which would allow us to travel west with our new friends. Bug was so excited to know that there would be some kids to hang out with on the train.

There was a LOT of drawing going on!

And an electronics lesson or two...

A final goodbye at the Portland station. 

 Bug got to go back to one of her favorite Portland shops: The Peculiarium! While there, she picked up the 2nd volume of Stella's Babysitting Service. The owner of the shop wrote it. She'd picked up the first book when we were there last year. She didn't get to meet the author, but he did sign her book and drop it off at our hotel. Hopefully we'll be able to meet him next time.

Here she is, on the rooftop of our hotel, reading the book (and ignoring her knitting...).

We love eating at Ling Garden when we're in Portland. Be sure to have the green beans!

Bug knew that we were going to go to OMSI. She did NOT know that we'd be seeing the Mummies of the World Exhibition! She didn't know until we got to the building and turned the corner and she spotted this HUGE sign. Really, it was huge. See Bug down there at the bottom? Yep. Huge.

We also went to Chapman School to watch the Vaux's Swifts. Bug is looking at a preserved swift up close and personal. She loved it.

 Of course, we have to stop at a guitar shop or two...

Luckily, there's a pizza place right across the street!

Powell's City of Books is amazing! We were able to spend a bit more time there this time.

Here's Bug, looking at the store map. Really.

We had transit passes and took the bus or streetcar everytwhere. Portland has this figured out. It was great.

Got to see some friends. They did a bit of knitting.

Bug let us know that we HAD TO GO TO THE AVALON AGAIN!! She looks pretty excited about that bag of nickels.

Bug and her dad won some tickets....

Which were exactly enough to get this...

 The Packers had a game while we were in Portland. I found a bowling alley/restaurant/bar that was a home for Packers fans. Thank you, Grand Central! (even though we lost) It was a little loud for Bug...but pizza and root beer made it tolerable.

Bug & I spent a day with my sister. We took the streetcar downtown.

Bug made new friends...

My favorite food card sign. 

We met up with the guys for ice cream.

Bug with her aunt & uncle. We'll see if she's taller than her aunt next year!

We stayed in the same hotel as last year. Same room, even!

To Bug this meant one thing: WAFFLES!!!

She was pretty happy about the salt-water taffy, too.

Packed up and ready to go home.

Sitting on the Empire Builder, waiting to leave the station.

Playing Gubs on the train.