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Saturday, December 02, 2006

"I assure you"

Last night, about 3 minutes after she ate a huge dinner, Bug came up to me and asked for something to eat because, as she puts it "I don't have a taste in my mouth"....
I told her that she JUST ate and really didn't need more food right now.
"But I'm hungry" she says.
I reply with "I assure you that you won't starve to death if you don't eat more food right this minute."
The girl comes back with "I assure YOU that I'm very hungry."
She got a hug and was not starving after that.

Nearly every morning, if Bug's dad has time, he & Bug have to go down to the basement. They'll be at the table and Bug will start saying "help, help" in different voices. "We need to save the baby dragons!" one of them will say. On go their boots and they head on down. Today she said they saved 7 of them. I have NO idea where this came from or even how it started...I had to bring some up one day when I was doing laundry, as they couldn't "carry" them all. Even had one in my hood.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2 new "friends"

Bug has often pretended that different characters are visiting her. They're always from cartoons or bands (The Beatles). As of this week, we have 2 REAL imaginary friends....first is Sanny. She's a 3 year old girl and, according to Bug, "she will never, ever die" (Bug is concerned about death these days). The other is Nabbit. Nabbit is a 5 year old boy. First she told me that he's 5 and died a long, long time ago, but later decided that he will never, ever die, either. She drew pictures of them for me. Nabbit wears a striped baseball cap. Sanny is much smaller than him but they are good friends, according to Bug.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A story by Bug

Bug has a small Pocket Ref book from the hardware store. She brings it to our bed in thte morning and reads stories to us. Sometimes I'm able to write them down. Here is todays' story:

Mr. Mosquito by Bug

Once upon a time there was a mosquito that was all left alone. He followed the street and there was nobody on the street to play with him. He said "Huh...there's no friends here".

He came across the fire department. And then he went in. He said "Hi". There was a naughty look in his eyes and and then a flashlight went on him. Then there was a machine on him and it was not a very nice machine. Then a heart appeared on him. He put on a hat. Then he thought he was a firefighter and he belonged there.


Monday, November 13, 2006

A felted bag, some funny stories (I think), and FLY SOUP

So...that bag up there...I knit and felted it as a 30th b-day gift for Julie Patchouli. She & her husband play really great acoustic music and call themselves Patchouli. This is their logo. I didn't know if I could do it, but it turned out really well. She LOVES it.

This girl cracks me up. Yesterday I saw her lean towards the doorframe. I was about to ask her if she was licking it (?!) when she looked up and said "You know, this is pitch. I was sniffing it to see if it has a smell. It doesn't. Isn't that unfortunate?" (she and her daddy spend a lot of time at Menard's looking/touching/smelling wood)

Bug has discovered SLUGS. Her cousing gave her a stack of old "Your Big Backyard" magazines. She found a slug in one and has been drawing them. She also decided that her pink fleece jester-esque hat (only had 2 short points with tassels on top) is a "slug hat". She wears it and "slithers" across the floor. I really need to aget a picture.

I made a new soup with, among other things, carrots, barley and chicken. Since Bug had just watched Charlotte's Web (we read it a while back) she decided that it was FLY SOUP WITH MOSQUITOES....yummy. She also acts out Charlotte's death scene regularly...

Bug can now say hello, thank you and goodbye in Chinese. The owners & workers at our favorite Chinese buffet are thrilled. They help her with her pronounciation. They say she's doing well. They're trying to teach her more workds. I got a book from the library and that's helping, too.

For the first time I can remember, Bug had a gift request for Christmas....a ROBOT DINOSAUR. Of course, she's drooling over this huge, $100 thing...but she DID mention that it really should be a TRICERATOPS. Woo....I looked to my left and spotted a National Geographic remote-controlled triceratops for TWENTY DOLLARS. Guess which one she's getting?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What to read next?

We just finished reading "Paddington on Top"...not sure what we'll read next. Maybe some fairy tales or Alice in Wonderland...or something by Roald Dahl. The Bug is napping right now (took a hike up the bluff with Daddy) so I'll look through some books after she wakes.

Bug to go to her first play the other day. We saw "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Other Stories". It was GREAT. We were in the front row. She said her favorite story from the play was "Master Man", so I guess we'll check the library for that this week.

We'll be going to a local art studio for "open studio time" on most Tuesdays for the rest of the year. It's $3 for an hour and a half. She gets to use whatever materials she wants. (there's an extra fee if they use REALLY expensive stuff, I guess)
Pre-school storytime at the library starts on Wednesday. Always a good time.

We're learning about animals this month. We studied mammals last week.
She's doing great with the calendar. It's the first thing we do after breakfast.
We've been learning lots of poems/nursery rhymes. I put a bunch of them into a tiny book that we made. As she memorizes them, she draws a picture on the opposite page. She's enjoying that quite a bit.
We're learning about the artist, Jackson Pollock, this month. She's not too sure about throwing paint around. We'll be doing some drip-painting this week. Wish me luck!
The girl has been getting a lot of hiking in with her dad. We're ALL going up the bluff tomorrow. She's also enjoying riding her bike and walking downtown with me. She's also so very brave at the playground now. At the beginning of the summer, she wouldn't go down the "twisty slide" without Daddy. Now, he gets to stay with me and watch her. She's climbing on everything.
Bug is also learning about children in other countries. When we do our weekly Five in a Row book, we get out our "Children Like Us" book and look up the country that the story takes place in. So far we've looked at kids from France, Spain and China. We see their houses, schools, food, families, how they write their names.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A few photos to share.

Bug has discovered that she has the ability to make different letters with her body. Here she is demonstrating the letters X and R. (R likes to walk through our house. It's quite entertaining)

The Bug is very much in love with Superman these days...she's only seen some 1940s Superman cartoons, but he's on all the store shelves now, and it's driving her crazy.
We just finished reading Flat Stanley (since we have one visiting us, she thought we needed to read it again). Tomorrow night we'll pick out the next bedtime book. Not sure what it will be.

Monday, September 04, 2006

We have a visitor!

Flat Stanley is visiting us from Kentucky. He seems to be having a grand time. He's seen the Missisippi River and has toured our town. Bug has decided that we need to read te book, "Flat Stanley", again, so we'll be starting that tonight. We finished Paddington and just read The Velveteen Rabbit. We'll pick a longer book after "Flat Stanley".
We're starting "school" this week....which just means that we'll have a bit of structure in our day. We're learning stuff all day, everyday. Bug is most excited to learn math....which is good, becuase it appears to be her weak spot. We've got lots of small, colorful things to count, sort and make patterns with. Should be fun. She's also got a blank calendar that she's been filling in each day.
She got to see her "big brother", Mikey (15), on Saturday. He took us all out for lunch. He was at our house for a bit, then went across the street to visit with his great-grandma. Right before they headed home, he came back to say good-bye. Bug was in tears, saying "but aren't you going to the playground with us?" he promised to visit us on Tuesdays, when he can.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another book down...

The Bug and I finished reading "Stuart LIttle" last night. We read picture books during the day, but almost every night, before she goes to bed, we'll read a chapter or three. Next up is "A Bear Called Paddington", which I've never read...I hope it's good!

Bug is going to a "Pajama Party" at the library tonight. She's extra excited because we found a pair of SUPERMAN jammies for 50% off. She's already got them on...they have a CAPE and everything. Here's a bit of what I've been hearing for the last 30 minutes: "look, i have a cape...what do you think that means?" Then she sticks out her chest "'s an S...what do you think that means? It's SUPERMAN" We'll see if I get any "looks" for buying "boys jammies" for my girl. Whatever.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chipmunks, chocolate

The Bug was quite excited to find out that there's a chipmunk hanging out in our backyard. She enjoys old Chip & Dale cartoons and often pretends that she IS a chipmunk.
Tonight we finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I hadn't read it since 6th or 7th grade, I suppose. I've seen both movies numerous times (Bug has seen the firist one 1 time...months ago...and hums the Oompa Loompa songs often) and it was interesting to see what each movie used, didn't use or added from the book.
I still think we'll go with Stuart Little next...I'll see what Bug thinks about that.
We found a microscope at Sally's today...woo! Bug gets to try that out tomorrow. She wants to see germs. Hopefully she'll settle for the fruit fly that's on one of the prepared slides that came with it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Staying cool...

Well, we're in the midst of quite a heat wave right now. We're hanging out in the Bug's room quite a bit because that's where the air conditioner is. We've been reading a lot...we finished Charlotte's Web (Bug still doesn't like spiders, but loves to look at webs) and The Mouse and the Motorcycle. We just started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday. I think Stuart Little may be next...we'll see.
We spent a wonderful day in Stockholm WI on Saturday. It was their annual art fair. We mostly stayed on the hay bale seats under the tent and took in all the music. It was a bit cooler there. Bug got to play on the merry go round, swings and a bouncy chipmunk. Great fun.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

An update...finally.

It's been nearly 3 months. I thought it might be a good idea to put something new here.
Let's see...regarding the socks from my last post...I finished them, but need to redo the cuffs. They're too loose. I need to get some smaller needles. Oh joy.
Our big, exciting news is that the Bug is starting to read! She's got the first set of Bob Books and loves reading the first few. She sounds out the words and is learning to recognize the 'tough' ones like "the" and "and". We're all very excited, although she hasn't read much for her dad, yet. I think she's waiting until she gets really good.
She's still drawing all the time. The latest theme is "smokers". Her dad has brought home some odd cartoon DVD has "The Huffless Puffless Dragon" on it....some old anti-smoking cartoon...and she loves it, so now she draws people smoking. Luckily, as she's drawing she points out that smoking is bad for you.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Toe-up socks

I'm trying socks from the toe-up...again. I've had no luck with a few other patterns, so I'm doing a short-row toe & heel sock. It seems to be working.

They do look rather odd without a foot in them. I'll have Bug model them when they're done. I got a few inches of the leg done last night. They should be finished by Sunday.
I'm using Schachenmayr Crazy Cotton yarn and, I think, size 3 needles...The toe and heel are shaped with short-rows. There's a 4X2 ribbing on the top of the foot that will continue onto the leg.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Raisins are good again.

Bug has had a love/hate thing with raisins her whole life. I offered some this morning (it's been months since she 'liked' them) and she agreed to try them...asked for more! I wonder how long this will last?
This morning, while drawing on her Doodle Pro (art medium of choice), she discovered that she can draw globes. Of course, she's quick with that erase bar, so I had no chance of taking a picture to post. Earlier in the morning, I tried to get a hug. She pulled away and said "I NEED to draw". That's so cool....

Monday, March 06, 2006

Lucy Bag is DONE!

I just finished this bag Saturday night. Had to...knitting circle was Sunday and I needed something for show and tell. I LOVE it! I used 2 strands of Istra yarn (it's from it in a sale bin) and size 10/5 needles.
Here it is before felting:

And after:

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lucy Bag is nearly done!

I started knitting a Lucy Bag for myself, then we all got sick. I set it aside for over a week. I've got a few ends to weave in today, then I'll be taking pics, felting it and taking more pics....then I can bring it to my knitting circle for show and tell tomorrow. Bug is excited. She gets to join me and the knitters tomorrow. I think the thought of cookies and other treats is getting her more excited than the thought of knitting. She'll come around...Actually, she enjoys walking around the table, touching all the yarns (to her nose, of course) and declaring them "beautiful".
She was busy making new rhymes today...Angela/spatula and Asia/Gumbasia (from her Gumby DVD) were the highlights.
Right now the Bug is upstairs with her dad, discussing different types of woods...spruce, curly maple, mahogany, etc.

Monday, February 27, 2006

I think we'll like it here...

Yes, I do believe we'll stay.
Let's see...the biggest news in our world is that Bug is USING THE POTTY! Feel free to have a party or eat cake or something. She's been diaper-free (during the day) for about a month, now. She's dry most mornings, too. HURRAY!

We're off to the library today to get a new Magic School Bus video. We had one about plants last week. She took to drawing plants with human heads, just like in the video. Of course, on the magna doodle...and she erased before I could ever get a pic of it.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Trying out a new place....

I'm not thrilled with my current blog's home, so I'm trying out some options...
The Bug has been busy drawing, as usual. She's getting really good.

I've been knitting quite a bit, lately. I'm doing some felting again. Bug is loving her new wizard hat.