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Southwind Treasures
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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Bug and I have been enjoying the Grossology exhibit at the local children's museum. I forgot to bring a camera the first time, but I had it with me yesterday. Here she is at the entrance.
Funny game. She did much better this time.
We tried this on our first visit...never again! It was totally disgusting. There are bottles that you squeeze and you try to guess the smell....If you look at the picture on the sign, you can see what your 4 choices are. Eew.

Bug loves this guy. He moves and talks. She told me I had to get a photo at this exact moment...

This wasn't working on our first visit, so Bug was happy to see it had been repaired. She pumped the handle which sent soda up the tube and caused gas to build up in the stomach...resulting in a loud burp. Much laughter followed.

The giant Operation game is cool. Bug just removed a kidney.

Again, much giggling was involved here.
Bug did not allow me to photograph the vomit display.

DNA research

Bug got a DNA kit for Christmas. We tried out the first experiment this week. We extracted DNA from a kiwi. Here is Bug, ready to get started.
First, she had to mash up the kiwi.

Then she added laundry detergent and water.

More mixing.

We put it on ice.

No photos after that, but it was interesting. She was able to see the dna, though she didn't want to touch it herself.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last Thursday I noticed a photo on the front page showing a woman with a 10' long said she was at the local farm show the day before and would be there Thursday as well. Bug's dad dropped us off before he went to work. The farm show wasn't too exciting, but the animals were fun. We got there as she was setting up, so she and Bug had a nice chat.

Here they are with the red-tailed boa named Stella.

This is Spot. She was a bit shy at first.
Bug didn't want to touch the hedgehog.

This is Rommel, a desert fox.

This is Larry the chinchilla. He was so incredibly soft.

Here we have Fingers. He was fun to watch. He did NOT want to be in his carrier.

Some hats.

Just wanted to share some hats (and mittens) that I've made recently. Here is Bug wearing her new one.

I found this baby hat pattern and made it with a thicker yarn. It's cool and weird and Bug loves it.

Not sure is this is mine or hers....

I tried out this mitten pattern, too. I like them, but they were a bit too small for Bug. They got donated to the mitten tree.

Christmas photos...a little late.

Bug, looking a bit stunned, with her DNA kit. We need to pick up a couple of items, then will be extracting DNA from a kiwi. Stay tuned.
Bug with her dad.

Grandma gave the most popular gift....the Wall-E DVD. We knew she'd be happy...but she was squealing. If only the camcorder had been on....

Cousin E. played some music for us.

Here is Bug with cousin E and cousin S.