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Monday, April 30, 2012

Washington - then & now

 After a day of settling in, we went for a drive and a hike. Bug settled into this "fuzzy" tree.

 Bug thought that this bridge was cool, because if you looked down where your feet were, you could see through it.

Here is Bug by the Skagit River which is green and beautiful. 

We went for a walk on the Trail of Cedars. We had been on this trail 5 years ago. I made a point of taking pics in the same spots to show how much she's grown in 5 years. Crazy. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WA trip 2012 - off the train

 After dropping our stuff off at my sister's house, we went out to eat. Cheeseburgers!

 The next day we went to Bug's favorite museum: Imagine Children's Musuem in Everett, WA. This dinosaur is on the roof, along with other things to play with and climb on. If you're a regular reader here, you may recognize this dinosaur from our visit in Oct. 2010 or, further back, to April 2007.

Bug first met this cow back in April 2007. She fits on the stool a bit better now. 

She found some sick animals to tend to in the animal clinic.

She was very busy building these walls...

and very happy to knock them down. 

There are some statues outside the museum. We had to take some photos. 

It was Bug's idea to "grab" the paintbrush. I wish that I hadn't nearly cut her out of the photo. 

Back at the house, Bug got put to work. Watch for future posts to see what she made!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We went to Washington again.

Bug & I hopped on a train on April 2nd and headed west. We spent a week visiting my sister & her husband and got home on Friday. I seem to have brought a cold with me, so haven't gotten much blogging done.

We got on just in time  to eat dinner, read for a bit, then go to bed. The next day, we took the opportunity to get out and stretch our legs whenever possible. Here she is in Minot ND on this trip and in 2007.

 She also had a quick chat with her dad while in Minot.

We had a small roomette which we enjoyed. Here is Bug outside of the train car. 

We spent some time in the lounge car. Here she is, trying to beat me at Set. 

She also worked on a braided bracelet for herself. It's going slowly, but she seems to enjoy it. Hopefully she'll make more!

We had very tasty (and big) cheeseburgers for lunch. Yum. 

 We were able to get out and stretch in Havre, MT.

Here's Bug in Shelby this year and in 2007.

When we first got on the train, these two guys were downstairs. When we went to dinner, we got seated with them. Bug noticed an accent and was confused when they said that they were from Chicago...they're originally from Albania. Their room was a few doors from ours and we chatted often. We all had burgers together for lunch, as well.

This is Sam.

This is Tony. 

At this point, we were nearly to our destination. Everything is packed up and Bug is just waiting to get out. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Back from vacation.

Bug & I just got back from a train trip to Washington state. We had a blast there and on the train. I'm hoping to get more pics up over the weekend. This one of her with our car attendant from the trip home kind of sums up everything.

While in Seattle we got to visit artist Carla Sonheim at her studio. If you recall, we took an online "Art of Silliness" class with her not too long ago. I'll have pics up soon, but here's a link to Carla's blog post about our visit.