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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We've got a new family member...

Meet Purrl...all that Bug wanted for Christmas was a kitten. Her dad is allergic, but loves them. He was thinking it over and we had decided that IF we got one, it would be after Christmas. Well...last Saturday we stopped at a local pet store where, on some weekends, an animal rescue group brings cats for adoption. Bug likes to play with them. We walked in and there were two fuzzy kittens there, along with all of the cats. One was already claimed, but the little black ball of fluff was not. Bug's dad dug through his pockets and had just enough money for the adoption fee. Bug & I took the check card and got a carrying case and kitty supplies. Purrl is doing well. She's discovering the wild birds outside the window and starting to find them a bit interesting.

She's also claimed MY CHAIR as one of her favorite places to be....

Bug also got some great socks from another friend, along with a book called "Shall I Knit You a Hat?" Yes, we open gifts early if they come in the mail....unless there's a note that says we shouldn't. :P

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another death...

Not long after losing Janet, the cricket, we lost another pet. Our triops ( named Theodore died soon after Janet. They live 30-90 days and he was definitely closing in on 3 months. He was an odd, but interesting, creature.
He's buried next to Janet.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


About a week and a half ago, Bug started asking questions about all of the election signs/ads she'd been seeing. We answered them the best that we could. She was quite mad that children could not vote. Thankfully, I had noticed a sign at the local library. They were letting kids vote last Saturday. Off we went. Bug was so excited. They had a party after they counted the votes. Obama had about 75% of the kid votes.

This morning, instead of telling her the news, I handed her the paper. In this shot, she's trying to figure out exactly what the headline means.
Here she is after we told her what it meant.


Bug had a grand time on Halloween. Earlier in the week she did some trick-or-treating at a local college. On the big night, she went out with her dad when he got home from work. They hooked up with two friends and their parents and got plenty of candy. Here she is in her costume. I knit & felted the hat and candy bag.

This was taken over the weekend. Bug was raking and decided she needed some eye protection. I can't explain the rest of the outfit...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Janet - a cricket

Several weeks ago, while walking into town, Bug found a water bottle in the grass and discovered a cricket inside of it. We found a cap for it, and carried it with us while we ran our errands for the day (this included a stop at the library for cricket books). Bug named the cricket "Chester" (from A Cricket in Times Square) but after getting home and looking through the cricket books, we had to rename HER. This is Janet.

Sadly, Janet died last week. Bug insisted on a burial and used a permanent marker to make a gravestone. Janet is buried behind our garage.
Bug says "She was a very nice cricket and I loved her a lot."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun with leaves

While at cousin B's house, B & Bug played in a leaf pile.
I love this photo.
Dead boy.
B's mom....Aunt P., decided to get in on the fun.

How about a nice action shot?

Cousin B's birthday

Bug's cousin, B, just turned 13. We gave him a "scratch and sniff" card that kept him occupied for a while.

Now's he's deciding which friends to try to use it on.
WOooHOOooo!!!! Kleenex!!! kleenex. Just money.

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

Bug's new jacket

I've been knitting and knitting and knitting.....'s even too big for me.

Ahh...much better.
I just need to get clasps for it and it will be done.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


After helping out at the candy store one afternoon, Bug found out that she had earned a caramel apple...her first. She loved it.

We took this photo last Friday for one of Bug's little friends. E is almost 2 and runs around saying her name. His mom says he now carries the photo around.

Here she is less than a week later. Quite a different smile, wouldn't you say?

Rocks & Minerals

Some friends came by recently and gave Bug a private rock & mineral lesson. She got to see many interesting things and got to keep quite a few pieces. She was quite excited, as you can see here:

Bug was quite interested in what Michael & Jeannie had to say. Thanks, guys!

Apparently geodes make her laugh...

Recent photos...

The three of us took a little hike one day. Bug liked this tree.

Now that Bug can read "in her head", she's always got a book handy. Here she is, sprawled on the couch enjoying Calvin & Hobbes. Like her new tie dyed shirt & socks? The felted hat is one that I just made.
Yes, she still creates odd costumes. She found this neck pillow and decided that if she wore it this way she would look like a sarcophagus. (we're studying ancient Egypt right now)

Bug told me that this is "Springman". She also pointed out that she used to draw him a long time ago.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a fun weekend!

Bug's dad had to work, so we hopped on the train and headed "home". After a yummy breakfast with Aunt Pat, we walked around town and visited some old friend...and made a brand-new one! Thomas is one week old. He came a bit early...heard Bug was coming to town, I guess.

We spent the day at the Celebration of MN Children's Authors & Illustrators. Always a fun event. Here's Bug and a friend, climbing on Max. (the creator of Mudboy...Bug's favorite sculpture)

Bug was a little sad when I told her that David LaRochelle wouldn't be at the show this year. I emailed him and found out that while he wasn't doing a reading at the show, he MIGHT come down for part of the day. You should have heard the SCREAM when Bug spotted him. Here she is with David and the picture/story she made for him.

We met Nancy Crocker and loved her book, Betty Lou Blue. Here she is with Bug after signing the book for Bug.

Here is Bug as a giant purple fish. She loved this.

This year, Bug decided that she was big enough to try the stilts...although she said she didn't want to fall and get stitches.

He got her to the tree where she was supposed to hang on and just practice walking in place for a bit, to get used to the weight. She immediately wanted to be done. We got a few more steps out of her and called it done. I think she'll give it another go next year.