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Southwind Treasures
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Bug had her first soccer game last Saturday. Her team, the Lightning Bolts, won the game. The score was 2-1. Here she is before the game with some friends who live just down the street from us. They were quite excited.

Hard to see, but Bug is in the middle, towards the right. The one that's NOT running towards the ball. This is what happens at practice. (along with sitting on the ground, digging in the dirt and playing with the grass) I must say that she did do pretty well at the game and spent most of the time running after the ball.
There she the middle. Not another kid from this game in sights. LOL.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wall-e, new bike and Easter...

Bug and her dad were busy, building last night. They came up with wall-e. Bug took this picture.

Here's a side-view. She's a bit excited.
And another front-view.

We've been looking at new bikes, but hadn't gotten one yet. The weather was so nice on Saturday, that we decided to get one. Bug is quite pleased. One crash so far...scraped herself pretty good and bruised her ribs a bit.

Of course there were "tie-dyed" eggs at our house.
Here is Bug on Easter morning, wondering where the bunny may have hidden her basket.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Saving Stan.

When I got home from knitting on Tuesday night, Bug's dad signaled to me to follow them. Bug was ready to use the time machine again. ( )

While I was out, they had the stereo on. It was on shuffle, so they were listening to all kinds of things. Just before I got home, she heard 2 voices that she recognized and yelled "it's a concert!" They had to run back to the living room to listen to Garnet & Stan Rogers sing "Northwest Passage". Bug first heard Stan a few years ago. It was during her "is he alive or dead?" phase. When she found out that he had died, she was very sad. Her dad quickly grabbed one of Garnet's CDs and put it on saying "this is his brother, and he is not dead". Thus started her love of Garnet Rogers.

Back to Tuesday night: As I got home, Bug hopped into the time machine. Off they went, in search of an that was on fire. Her mission: save Stan. It was so incredibly sweet/sad to witness. She was so excited when she "saved" him.

Have I mentioned that we love this kid?