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Doris Mae II
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Southwind Treasures
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Doris Mae
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So, Bug hurled last night. In bed. Came downstairs crying, covered in it. Lovely. Got her cleaned up, changed the sheets, all is well.
I was talking to her dad tonight and mentioned that she was drawing on her magna doodle and had asked me "does this say STOP?"...which it did. He, jokingly, asked "yeah, but can she spell vomit?" I asked her and here's what I got...

Bug says it's an alligator vomiting.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Picasso is dead!

Bug and I were looking at a book of art for kids. It had different artists in it and some of their works. First, we saw Jackson Pollock, painting. I said "he sure made some really interesting paintings, didn't he?" Bug, being Bug, picked up on "made" and said "did he DIE?" Ugh. I explained that yes, he had died....let's move on. Next up was Picasso....and she asked "is he dead?" Bug's daddy was there by this time, so he told her that he had lived and died many years ago. It was nearly 30 minutes later that we were able to leave the house to go to lunch. There was much crying. She was so upset. Hopefully we won't go through this with EVERY dead person we learn about.Oh, and while in Milwaukee she was given a couple of Hanson t-shirts. (it was that or Spice Girls) I told her "Bug, they were homeschooled". Ugh. Wrong phrasing. She hear the "were" and said "did they die?!"

Friday, July 20, 2007


We took Bug to Milwaukee last weekend to visit friends and family. Here she is, "helping" with some yard work.

While at Record Head, Bug spotted a couple of Star Wars things that she needed to be photographed with.

On our way to yet another guitar shop, I spotted this mural on the side of a comic book shop. We stopped for a photo.
Bug is planning to be a science teacher, so when we told her that we were going to visit a "big science store", she could hardly contain her excitement. Here she is with her dad, outside one of the coolest stores on the planet.
She found this dust mask and had to have it. She decided that she'd wear it on top of her head, though.
Of course, a visit to Milwaukee isn't over until we get to play with cousin E.
Then, a quick goodbye with Grandma, and we were on our way back home.


Bug spends time drawing every day. Here are some of her recent works.

First up is Charlotte and Wilbur. I can see that Bug needs to be exposed to more pigs, as poor Wilbur looks more like a horse.
Bug said that this drawing is "just a guy".
According to Bug, "this is the Death Star and it's sending electricity to Leia's planet". (we're a little bit into Star Wars these days)
This is a bull....wearing a cowboy hat.
Here we have Yoda, looking quite happy.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Butterflies and lettuce

Bug & I spotted these butterflies on our walk today. We decided that we needed to take pictures of them to share. There was a Monarch, as well, but it got away.

We've also managed to grow some Salad Bowl lettuce. Bug LOVES it when we go into the back yard to get food. She's quite fond of chives. I need to take a pic of her with them. It's hilarious. I'm close to banning them from the house, though...the smell is a bit much.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Zoo Man

The Zoo Man comes to our library each summer. Bug LOVES him. (she told him just that, along with hugging him, when we got there today)
Here she is, holding a gecko.

She was thrilled.

She really, REALLY wanted to hold the BIG snake, though. (she did the past two years) but she didn't get picked. He had 3 or 4 groups of 7 kids line up to hold it so we could see how long it was, and to give as many kids as possible a chance to participate.