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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WA...part 3, Easter!

Bug was up bright and early, ready to find some eggs.

After we helped her find one or two, she figured it out. She had a great time.

Bug read a story to Aunt Kate. It was riveting.On the way to the airport, to drop off Aunt Kate, Bug wore her new bunny sunglasses. Stylish, aren't they?

I was most excited to spot a Half-Price Books store. Of course, Bug managed to find some worker rabbits in there....and had a lovely chat.
This was one interesting bunny. Very nice and colorful.

Next up...part 4, Monday.

WA.....part 2, Saturday

On Saturday, we drove down to see Mount St. Helens. Bug was SO excited. She couldn't wait to see a volcano...."for real". It was a long drive, so we had to stop for breakfast. Once Bug spotted pancakes on the menu, nothing else existed. I took this shot for her dad, since she was licking butter off of her pancake. I told her that that would make him proud. (only joking a little bit)
We visited two different buildings with exhibits. We all found this stone quite interesting. I can't remember what it was called, of course.
Here she is, with the VOLCANO in the background. She's holding a doll in her hands that I had just finished knitting & stuffing as we pulled into the lot. She is now called "Helen". (side note: Helen liked WA so much, that she hid in the bed...she's now in the mail, heading back to us. We only had one nearly-sleepless night over it)
The one and only photo of me from the trip (unless one of my sisters got some).
Can you feel the excitement?
This was.....odd. A robot tour guide. Her eyes are closed in this shot. They'd open and she'd talk, move a bit...look around. Bug couldn't get enough. I had to take a pic to get her to leave.

Up next, part 3...Easter!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Our trip to Washington (state, not D.C.)...part 1

Bug & I traveled on the train to WA. My oldest sister was having a big birthday, so we decided to make a visit. Another one of my sisters joined us for the ride. Bug had a grand time on the train. Here she is with the best car attendant, EVER, Dani. We loved her.

Of course, Bug can't go long without drawing. She drew "the worst bad guy in the world" for Dani.

We stretched our legs in Minot ND and Shelby MT. The sun in Minot was a bit much for Bug, it seems.
Here's Bug with her favorite aunt. (sorry, the rest of you)

One of the first things Bug did upon arrival was decorate a tree with eggs. Well, a branch, anyways.

She also "helped" Uncle Craig kill dandelions.

Since we'd been on the train for a day and a half, and because it was warm and sunny, we took Bug to a playground to burn off some energy.

There was a nice path to walk around at the playground. Bug really enjoyed it.

Finally, what's a birthday without CAKE?! Lovely expression I caught, don't you think?

Part 2, coming soon...............