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Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Since Bug currently loves all things Harry Potter, it seemed obvious that she would be Hermione Granger for Halloween. She already had a hand-knit Gryffindor bag (see blog post about our trip to Portland). I ordered her a Gryffindor robe and a gray, pleated school skirt. We found the right shoes and some tights (it's cold here). Amazon came to the rescue with the perfect tie. I found a time turner at Barnes & Noble....then came the knitting. I made a house sweater for her. She LOVES it! I also made a Gryffindor hat. As we got closer to the first of the local Halloween events, I realized that it was going to be pretty cold out that night, so I quickly made a pair of mittens, too. I think that she looks pretty good, don't you?

Monday, October 08, 2012

Our last day in Portland, and the train ride home.

 The last waffle...

Heading to the elevator.

 There was a jar like this, full of salt water taffy, on every table in the lobby.

 We spent the morning in the hotel, then went to my sister's place until it was time to go to the station. Bug spent some time reading.

Me, Bug & my sister.

 Bug with her aunt & uncle at the train station. SOMEONE forgot her sunglasses.

We had coach tickets, but because we didn't spend all of our money...we upgraded to a family room. It was the last available room on the train.  Bug was happy.

We were in the last car, which meant that we could go upstairs and all the way to the back to get views like this. 

Bug likes the top bunk. 

The view of the train car from our room, though we usually had the door shut.

 In the dining car, working on a new story.

 Bug standing outside one of the windows in our room. We had one on the other side of the train, as well.

Bug with Ralph, our room attendant. Nice guy. 

I believe that Bug's dad took this photo during the stop in St. Paul. Very cool.

More reading...
 Hobbes was tired. He's wrapped in an Amtrak scarf that one of the crew gave to Bug. He's resting his head on the pillow that Bug's new pal in Portland made.

Still working on the new story.

A Thursday in Portland-lots of photos...

 On Thursday morning, one of Bug's dad's former guitar students who's lived in/near Portland for 15 years picked us up and took us sight-seeing.

 This was spotted in the window of a shop. Ronald Simmons? Gene McDonald?

Our tour guide showed us some sculptures that a friend of his has made. 

Bug liked this one, of course. 

This chess set was pretty cool. 

These heads were on a high shelf, looking down at us. 

 We then went to see the Columbia River Gorge.

It was really windy.

I love this photo of Bug. 

Multnomah Falls.

We spotted the hay ball in the parking lot...

Horse Tail Falls.

Later, we went to the Peculiarium...

Bug doesn't look like she's sure that we should go inside...

We saw this in the window...when we got inside, they had the book for sale so, of course, we bought a copy.

They had all kinds of fun/silly stuff for sale. 

 We went to see where Bug's uncle works. She enjoyed it  more than this photo would lead you to believe....

We then headed northeast, for Last Thursday on Alberta.

Bug spent some of her money on this slingshot.

 What a fun, busy day!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Portland on a Wednsesday

This is Bug on our balcony, wearing the sweater that I knit for her. She discovered a cat that had a bed in a window nearby and enjoyed looking for it each day.

We went to Powell's City of Books, first. We may schedule an entire day there on our next trip...and bring an empty suitcase to bring books home in.

Bug's dad was heading to a guitar shop to show them some pedal designs, so Bug & I stopped at Blick's Art Supply before going to the guitar shop.

We spotted this cool robot made from everyday materials. 

 We had a bit of a hike ahead of us, so we stopped for some pizza. Bug LOVED the name of this place...Pizza Schmizza.

We came across the gate to Chinatown.

Our next stop: Voodoo Doughnut!

The bacon maple bar...not a big hit. 

The Marshall Matters, on the other hand, was devoured!
 Bug's dad had some more business to take care of. We left him there and headed to a couple of yarn shops. :)

  Bug and her new pal.

Of course, silly faces must be made.  :P

 I forgot to post this shot from earlier in the week. Bug is standing on the roof of the hotel. We didn't spend much time there as we were out & about all day. By the time we got back each night, either it was too chilly or (more often) we were too tired.