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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lucy Bag is nearly done!

I started knitting a Lucy Bag for myself, then we all got sick. I set it aside for over a week. I've got a few ends to weave in today, then I'll be taking pics, felting it and taking more pics....then I can bring it to my knitting circle for show and tell tomorrow. Bug is excited. She gets to join me and the knitters tomorrow. I think the thought of cookies and other treats is getting her more excited than the thought of knitting. She'll come around...Actually, she enjoys walking around the table, touching all the yarns (to her nose, of course) and declaring them "beautiful".
She was busy making new rhymes today...Angela/spatula and Asia/Gumbasia (from her Gumby DVD) were the highlights.
Right now the Bug is upstairs with her dad, discussing different types of woods...spruce, curly maple, mahogany, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me Emily AGAIN!!!!! Stella is a silly goose (does'nt look like one, tee hee.)