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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A visitor!

Bug's "almost brother", Mikey came to visit last Wednesday. She was SO excited. We started off with a walk down to the Chinese Buffet.

Once there, silly faces were made. (I have one of him, too....I'm being nice and not sharing)

Mikey spent the night. Bug insisted that since her bed was big and she was all alone, he should sleep there. After the "big people" watched a movie and Mikey & I played some video games, he did just that. She was thrilled. In the morning she said "and I woke up last night and Mikey was there...I patted his back and went back to sleep". So sweet.

Here they are the next day, just before he left. She must have had just enough time with him, as there was no crying or clinging to him this time.

We can't wait until he visits again.


Bonita said...

Looks like they are good for each other.

Emily said...

How cool! You know, yestrday Sharon and grandma Margie came to babysit me and the twins. Dad was at band practice, and mom was at college. Cool, huh?