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Doris Mae II
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Southwind Treasures
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Doris Mae

Doris Mae
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Imperial Storm Trooper

This morning Bug vanished for a bit and came back looking like this.

She said "I"m an Imperial Storm Trooper". Obviously. She's got her knight helmet on her head, a large, black kneepad strapped around her waist and her pink rubber rain boots. What ELSE could she be? Oh, and the giant cardboard tube? Yes, it's a gun. However, she pointed to the side and said "See the title? It says 'heart gun'. It shoots love at you."
I love this kid.


russman said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!! I could tell right away that she was an imperial storm trooper!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! That my mom would make if she said yes. Besides, where did she get an idea for a heart gun?