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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fun at the Children's Museum

Bug and I went to the local Children's Museum on Saturday. We usually go on weekday mornings, when the climbing wall is not in use. We weren't sure if she was big enough to climb. She asked the guy if she was. He said "are you 5?" and she squealed with joy that yes, she was! Notice, she got to keep her hat on under the helmet. Does she look excited?
Once she realized that she shouldn't hang onto the rope, she did pretty well.

At this point, she got a little scared, so he brought her down. She was probably 10' - 12' up.
The giant teeth are one of her favorite things to climb on in the museum.

They were having a teddy bear clinic the day we visited. Bug got to help put casts on her new bear's legs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think she had a great time- the hat, fantastic! Stella had the best time in her life, I think. How cool she tried rock-climbing! I never did that... did she have fun-yes!