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Doris Mae II
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Southwind Treasures
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Doris Mae

Doris Mae
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last Thursday I noticed a photo on the front page showing a woman with a 10' long said she was at the local farm show the day before and would be there Thursday as well. Bug's dad dropped us off before he went to work. The farm show wasn't too exciting, but the animals were fun. We got there as she was setting up, so she and Bug had a nice chat.

Here they are with the red-tailed boa named Stella.

This is Spot. She was a bit shy at first.
Bug didn't want to touch the hedgehog.

This is Rommel, a desert fox.

This is Larry the chinchilla. He was so incredibly soft.

Here we have Fingers. He was fun to watch. He did NOT want to be in his carrier.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cute! I don't blame Stella. Hedgehogs are spiny, you know, so Stella did the right thing.