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Doris Mae

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Nature drawings.

While on our hike last weekend, Bug did some drawing in her nature journal. I took pictures of each drawing and of the real thing that she was looking at.

I was the first one to spot the reindeer head on this tree...but it was Bug who, in her drawing, decided just exactly which reindeer it was.

Bug spotted this log and was quite excited. It's not often that you run across a jackal log, you know.

This was just a hole in the bottom of a tree....but there was much discussion as to what might live in there.


zingtrial said...

you have a nice blog now off to see your hats :) thanks for shareing

Anonymous said...

Cute drawings... wild imanginations... I know who this is- it's Stella, the most smartest cousin I ever heard of!!;)