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Monday, June 29, 2009


Bug has NOT wanted to try riding her bike without training wheels. She pretty much panics at the mention of it. We got her a new bike this spring and I took the pedals, cranks, etc. off of the littler one. She would push herself around on that and was getting really good at balancing on it. She would ride the new one around, but only with training wheels. We were given a 20" bike that we didn't plan on using until she was a bit taller. She really wanted to give it a try yesterday, so her dad said that he'd hold on and they could go around the block. They weren't even to the corner when she asked him to let go. As it was on a busy street, he told her she'd have to wait until they got to the big parking lot. He let go and she never looked back.

After they came home and told me the news, I went out and removed the training wheels from the 18" bike. (a better fit for her right now) I then took her back to the parking lot (right next door and empy...yay) for some riding and photos. She's so happy and proud of herself.

Such focus...
I suspect this is the view I'll have most often....

1 comment:

Emily said...

Without training wheels! I can't even do that!! Only on a bike that's big enough for me! Lucky you Stella! Teach me sometime!