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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Niagara Cave

We headed out to Niagara Cave yesterday. We were all excited about this trip. To get a feel for where it is, here's one of the road signs that we saw along the way:

Proof that that sign is there for a reason:

We managed to find the was quite easy, really. Finding the "E" in the sign was apparently a bit harder. Ugh.

This is the entry point. Steps. Lots of steps. I should have taken a pic of the sign with all of the stats. I do remember that it said the most steps at one time is 100.

More steps.

Bug had a great time. She didn't manage to take any pictures, though.

I'm not sure if I have this right-side up or not. You tell me.

At one point on the hour-long tour our guide had us stand still and he turned off all of the ligths. Dark. Very, very dark. I think that we were all glad when he turned them back on.

I was unable to get a decent photo of the "skeleton arm/hand", but this is pretty cool, too.

After the tour, we checked out the gift shop. There were lots of gems and fossils available there. We bought a couple of things, then bought a bag of sand that had fossils in it. Bug and her dad took it outside to the sluice.

After carefully pouring some of it onto the screen, Bug lowered the screen into the water. Like magic, fossils appeared!

Such excitement.

After the first time, she didn't need any help.

Here she is with her finds. There were many teeth in there. We haven't taken the rest out and identified it yet. Maybe today or tomorrow. She had so much fun finding the fossils. Definitely $10 well-spent.

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Anonymous said...

I've been to a cave, too! It's called the Cave of the Mounds! Very cool cave!!