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Doris Mae II
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Southwind Treasures
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Doris Mae

Doris Mae
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marsh trail.

We enjoyed the sunny (but a bit chilly) weather yesterday. We started out with a walk on the marsh trails.

We were discussing what might live in this hole that we found.

Bug, trying to see what might be in the hole on this tree.

Another hole in a tree. Do you notice a theme yet?

One of the trees that Bug always looks for when we're on the trail. It's decaying and she enjoys seeing what has changed since last time...oh, and she counted 7 (I think) holes in & around this one.

This is another shot of the previous tree.

One more tree with a hole.

Bug saw a couple of geese on the water that were eating. She got out her nature journal and settled in to do a quick drawing.

When we were done at the marsh we climbed up the hill to Bug's favorite playground.

Not only can Bug cross the monkey bars by herself (mastered last year) but she's tall enough to get started all by herself. Yay!

Bug's dad gave her a pretty big push. She's holding on for dear life!

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