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Sunday, December 19, 2010

What happens when you tell me that you want money for Christmas.

While talking to my sister, I asked her what my 15-year-old nephew might want for Christmas. She asked him and he didn't have an answer, other than "Money". OK...he got what he asked for.

Step 1: Cut the bendy ends off of 150 straws, then cut the straws in half.

Step 2: Take twenty $1 bills and roll them up VERY TIGHTLY (a toothpick came in handy here) and then wrap a bit of white paper around that and stuff it into a straw.

Step 3: Roll up about 20 pieces of white paper and put them into straws, too. We don't want this to be TOO easy.

Step 4: Remove the tissues from a tissue box and put all of the straw pieces into it.

Step 5: Replace tissue.

Step 6: Wrap the box.

Step 7: Put some stuffing into a shoe box and place wrapped box into it.

Step 8: Seal with duct tape.

Step 9: Put some stuffing into a larger box and place duct-taped-box into that.

Step 10: Add more stuffing!

Step 11: Seal tightly with duct tape.

Step 12: Wrap nicely.

Step 13: Be prepared for 20 minutes of laughter (from those NOT opening it) and glares (from the nephew). I think he'll have a gift suggestion for me next year...


Anonymous said...

Very funny and very creative! I once gave my nephew money wrapped around the inside label of a can of creamed corn, but your idea was much, much better! Bravo!

David LaRochelle

Wonder woman...sorta said...

Totally awesome!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I bet he liked the gift!