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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Farewell to Small Mouse

 When Bug's dad got home from work today,  he got some pine out and made a coffin for Small Mouse. 

We wrapped him in his favorite piece of flannel. 

Bug put this note in with him. She had decided that "Prosper" was a good name for Small Mouse. (she's been reading The Thief Lord...) She and her friends added some clover, as well.

 Her dad helped her hammer in the final nails.

I dug the hole and she placed the coffin inside.

She then filled the hole. We are all a bit sad, but happy that Small Mouse/Prosper was comfortable and happy while in our home. 


Missy said...

Ok, that made me tear up. I just love your family.

Stephanie said...

Poor little Prosper. I've got tears in my eyes. What a sweet tribute. You have such a wonderful family.

Love, the Little One said...

Really beautiful.

David LaRochelle said...

You gave Prosper lots of love and good one could ask for more.
You were a good family to him.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Prosper... I hope he enjoys heaven... :(