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Sunday, October 23, 2011

We had a visitor.

 Earlier this week I got a message on facebook from a friend in my hometown. She told me about this Australian guy (Mick)who had stopped by the shop where she works to have some work done on his computer. She found out that he is walking the entire length of the Mississippi River. If you want to know more about him and why he's doing this, check out his blog:

*if you or someone you know lives along the Mississippi River and are willing to let Mick set his tent up in your yard, you can send him an email...go to the blog address above and click on "contact me"*

She said that he would be coming through the town where we now live. I sent Mick an email and offered our yard to him. I heard back from him that he'd be coming by sometime Saturday afternoon. Bug had Chinese class at 3:00 and we hadn't seen him yet, so I had her make signs for both doors so that if he showed up while Bug's dad was dropping us off (which he did) he would know that he was in the right spot.

When Bug's dad picked us up after class, Mick was with him. We were all quite hungry, so we headed to the Chinese buffet. We ate well and chatted for a while. We then headed back to our place to visit some more. Bug had to check out Mick's tent.

 At some point, Bug had mentioned that she likes to make books. She vanished into her room for a while, then brought this out for Mick. She made sure that he put his name on it.

 Before we knew it, Bug fell asleep on the couch...earlier than usual, even! She woke around 2:30am and moved to her room.

 She was up before Mick, in anticipation of the blueberry  muffins she knew that I'd be making. After breakfast, Bug got out her dragon books and taught Mick a bit about them. I love her expression in the first photo!

Before long, it was time for Mick to pack his gear. Bug helped.

 Bug spotted a small orange pouch and asked what it was. Mick opened it up and showed her that it was a rain cover for his back pack. He then showed her how it went back together and told her that she could do that while he finished folding the tent and put it in the bag.

 Then he said it would be a race. She laughed. Nervously, I think.

I think it was a tie.

Before we knew it, it was time to start walking. Bug walked him to the corner.

He unhooked the wagon from his pack so that Bug could pull it.

Then it was time for hugs.

And he crossed the street....

Good luck, Mick. Safe travels. Thanks for spending some time with us.


ZombieCat said...

Very cool! What does he pull in the wagon?

Trish said...

What an awesome experience.

Bug's mom said...

The wagon had his computer, food, clothing...he said it's really helped his knees and back to not have everything in the backpack.

Anonymous said...