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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Train ride to Portland OR

 We just got back from a family vacation to Portland OR. We rode Amtrak's Empire Builder (as we always do) and had a fantastic time (on the train AND in Portland). This post is just about the ride to Portland. We were riding coach for the first time in a while. We didn't sleep well, HOWEVER, it was the quietest coach car I have EVER been in.

 Here is Bug at the station on Friday (21st), waiting for the train to arrive.

A few hours later, she was out cold. OK. Maybe 1 of us slept pretty well. ;)

Bug has discovered Harry Potter recently and loves all things Gryffindor. On Saturday I gave her this shirt after breakfast. I think that she likes it.

The biggest surprise came a while later. I had knit a Gryffindor bag and filled it with Harry Potter goodies. I was going to give it to her, but then had a better idea. I talked with Steve, our car attendant, and he agreed to deliver it after the next stop. Here's a video of the delivery: 

She got a lot of different items.

This book was a big hit. 

She looks excited....what could it be?!?

A WAND! (you can make your are the directions)

Time for a bit of hot chocolate. 

And some music....Harry & the Potters, of course. Thank you, Deaf Ear Records!

The chocolate frogs were good, it seems. 

Mmmm....lunch time!

Joyce brought us our lunch and talked about dragons (which is what Bug is holding over Joyce's head). 

Time for a little bit of knitting. She's trying to make a Gryffindor (of course) scarf for Hobbes, the one-eyed lion. 

Here she is, enjoying Quiddich Through the Ages. 

 Here she is with Steve. As he was moving in for the photo and reaching his arm out around Bug's shoulder he was saying "I don't usually do photos...."


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