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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bug turns 11 on the train!

Since we were going to be on the train on her actual birthday, we had cake with her dad before we left town. Since she LOVES Harry Potter, it only seemed right to make her a cake that looked like Harry's 11th birthday cake. 

She also got some books about Tuva and Richard Feynman...just what all 11-year-olds want, right?!  ;)

Here we are, waiting at the station.

Until just before we boarded the train, Bug thought that we were riding in coach. I surprised her with a roomette. Here's what she thought of that.

I took Bug to WA for her 11th birthday. 

Here we are, waiting at the station. 

 As we were boarding, I surprised Bug with the news that we had a roomette. Here's what she thought of that.

Having a bedtime snack in her upper bunk.

In the dining car, Chris helped me to surprise Bug with a birthday present. He also got everyone at breakfast to sing to her.

She got Quidditch robes and goggles!

These two were in the same sleeping car as we were. They're from England and the one on the left had recently visited the Harry Potter studio near London. She showed Bug her photos from there. They joined us for Bug's birthday breakfast. Thanks! 

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