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Southwind Treasures

Southwind Treasures
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Doris Mae

Doris Mae
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fun in Portland OR

With Bug's birthday coming up, I packed 3 new t-shirts (wrapped) and handed them to her on our first morning in Portland. I told her that she could open one, but that she would have to wear whatever it was. 

The first one was pretty cool!

We hopped onto the streetcar and headed to OMSI.

They had an exhibit about mazes and illusions. Bug had fun with this balance board maze. She ALMOST got the ball into the center.

This was a giant model of a human ear. The curved red line to the left of Bug (in the ear canal) moved across, demonstrating how sound waves move through our ears. The parts to the right also moved. It was pretty cool.

This had various organs that would light up when you pushed the button next to their name...except, apparently, the stomach.

Shark tooth bracelet.

One of many bridges in Portland.

On our way to OMSI, Bug spotted this shop. We stopped on our way back. 

Finally, somewhere that I wanted to visit. ;)  YARNIA!

Bug picked out some red and yellow bamboo yarn. I'm going to make a hat similar to the gray one she's wearing in some of the other photos. Here you can see the yarn on the holder, attached to the winding machine.

The 2 cones of yarn are what I bought at Yarnia. The purple/orange/green is for me (bamboo and wool) and the red & yellow bamboo is for Bug.

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