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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another book down...

The Bug and I finished reading "Stuart LIttle" last night. We read picture books during the day, but almost every night, before she goes to bed, we'll read a chapter or three. Next up is "A Bear Called Paddington", which I've never read...I hope it's good!

Bug is going to a "Pajama Party" at the library tonight. She's extra excited because we found a pair of SUPERMAN jammies for 50% off. She's already got them on...they have a CAPE and everything. Here's a bit of what I've been hearing for the last 30 minutes: "look, i have a cape...what do you think that means?" Then she sticks out her chest "'s an S...what do you think that means? It's SUPERMAN" We'll see if I get any "looks" for buying "boys jammies" for my girl. Whatever.


Melissa said...

You've never read Paddington Bear?! It's good. You'll like it. It may not be "advanced" enough for Stella though. :)

Anonymous said...

Stuart Little the MOVIE, I have never watched and I don't have the book. So chances are, if mom gets it, I will watch it. If the book, I won't care... life is that way somtimes, you'll want to get the movie.