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Monday, November 13, 2006

A felted bag, some funny stories (I think), and FLY SOUP

So...that bag up there...I knit and felted it as a 30th b-day gift for Julie Patchouli. She & her husband play really great acoustic music and call themselves Patchouli. This is their logo. I didn't know if I could do it, but it turned out really well. She LOVES it.

This girl cracks me up. Yesterday I saw her lean towards the doorframe. I was about to ask her if she was licking it (?!) when she looked up and said "You know, this is pitch. I was sniffing it to see if it has a smell. It doesn't. Isn't that unfortunate?" (she and her daddy spend a lot of time at Menard's looking/touching/smelling wood)

Bug has discovered SLUGS. Her cousing gave her a stack of old "Your Big Backyard" magazines. She found a slug in one and has been drawing them. She also decided that her pink fleece jester-esque hat (only had 2 short points with tassels on top) is a "slug hat". She wears it and "slithers" across the floor. I really need to aget a picture.

I made a new soup with, among other things, carrots, barley and chicken. Since Bug had just watched Charlotte's Web (we read it a while back) she decided that it was FLY SOUP WITH MOSQUITOES....yummy. She also acts out Charlotte's death scene regularly...

Bug can now say hello, thank you and goodbye in Chinese. The owners & workers at our favorite Chinese buffet are thrilled. They help her with her pronounciation. They say she's doing well. They're trying to teach her more workds. I got a book from the library and that's helping, too.

For the first time I can remember, Bug had a gift request for Christmas....a ROBOT DINOSAUR. Of course, she's drooling over this huge, $100 thing...but she DID mention that it really should be a TRICERATOPS. Woo....I looked to my left and spotted a National Geographic remote-controlled triceratops for TWENTY DOLLARS. Guess which one she's getting?

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Anonymous said...

I am going to ask Santa for a Nintendo D.S.