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Doris Mae

Doris Mae
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Monday, November 20, 2006

A story by Bug

Bug has a small Pocket Ref book from the hardware store. She brings it to our bed in thte morning and reads stories to us. Sometimes I'm able to write them down. Here is todays' story:

Mr. Mosquito by Bug

Once upon a time there was a mosquito that was all left alone. He followed the street and there was nobody on the street to play with him. He said "Huh...there's no friends here".

He came across the fire department. And then he went in. He said "Hi". There was a naughty look in his eyes and and then a flashlight went on him. Then there was a machine on him and it was not a very nice machine. Then a heart appeared on him. He put on a hat. Then he thought he was a firefighter and he belonged there.


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Anonymous said...

Tell Stella 'If you know how to make up storys, you know how to write one.