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Saturday, December 02, 2006

"I assure you"

Last night, about 3 minutes after she ate a huge dinner, Bug came up to me and asked for something to eat because, as she puts it "I don't have a taste in my mouth"....
I told her that she JUST ate and really didn't need more food right now.
"But I'm hungry" she says.
I reply with "I assure you that you won't starve to death if you don't eat more food right this minute."
The girl comes back with "I assure YOU that I'm very hungry."
She got a hug and was not starving after that.

Nearly every morning, if Bug's dad has time, he & Bug have to go down to the basement. They'll be at the table and Bug will start saying "help, help" in different voices. "We need to save the baby dragons!" one of them will say. On go their boots and they head on down. Today she said they saved 7 of them. I have NO idea where this came from or even how it started...I had to bring some up one day when I was doing laundry, as they couldn't "carry" them all. Even had one in my hood.

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Anonymous said...

I assure you that it was a funny story.