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Monday, January 01, 2007

Post-Christmas update

We're mostly recovered from the holidays. Bug got to see a lot of cousins and aunts & uncles on Christmas Eve at Aunt Peggy & Uncle Bryan's house. They ONLY had a 14' tree this year. Sadly, Bug had a sore knee and wasn't able to run around and play. She did a lot of drawing and crying. By the time we got home and gave her some medicine we realized we had to make a trip to urgent care. We didn't get back home until 10PM or so. Bug got her first xrays. She even drew them on her magna doodle. She saw them and said "oh no, I broke my patella!" We assured her that it was fine. They couldn't find anything wrong. By morning she was fine. It flared up again on Tuesday night. We're thinking it's growing pains. Bug's dad had them really bad when he was little.
Because of the crazy night, we got a late start for Milwaukee on Christmas morning. Uncle Scott & Aunt Tammy were there, along with Grandma Margie & Auntie Sharon. Uncle Larry & Cousin Emily came to visit before bedtime. Such fun. Oh, and Santa remembered to stop there. He left a remote controlled triceratops!
Bug opted to spend time with Grandma while we went to Half Price Books to use up our gift certificates. Always a fun time.
We got together with two other couples and their kids on Thursday night. Great beef stew and lots of fun.
By Saturday morning, we were all ready to be home. We stopped and visited Aunt Susan, Aunt Ella & Cousin Larry before leaving town. We stopped for Chinese food for lunch and then stopped for frozen custard for dessert.
Bug went knitting with me on Sunday, so her daddy could practice for the gig on Saturday.
Today we woke to a bit of snow, so after lunch I'm going to take her out to play in it. Her daddy is at band practice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, it is one of Stella's cousins, again. So silly, huh? I just want to say I hope her leg was better. It must have been a VERY bad/naughty growing pain.