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Thursday, May 17, 2007

More birthday fun!

Bug's daddy was home on Wednesday, so we picked up her friend, C, and took them out for lunch at the Chinese Buffet. They were very happy to see each other.

We then headed down to L.A.R.K. Toys. As we entered the building, the girls put on necklaces that had wooden discs on them. They were to keep away the resident trouble-making troll, "Kral". I was able to convince them to not run off by telling them that the magic of the necklaces did NOT work for adults, therefore we needed to stay together so that Kral wouldn't get us. Here they are, wearing them, and showing off their carousel tokens.

This is the coolest carousel I've ever seen. Bug rode the goldfish first, then the goose.

C opted for the giraffe, then the unicorn.

Of course, one must find/try on hats anywhere and everywhere.

Before we left, we walked over to the mini-golf course to see the blue and pink water in the waterfalls. We also spotted the "Troll Station". After we looked and assured them that it was empty, the girls stepped in for a photo.

Ever since she was a baby, Bug has rubbed things on her nose for comfort. Here, she's sharing her favorite pillow with C, who was convinced to give "nose rubbing" a try.

Bug's dad stopped to check out a store. While we waited for him, C suggested that Bug open her gift...a bag full of art supplies! She was most happy with the HUGE set of markers.

Before going home, we stopped for ice cream. Always a good thing.

Bug slept until 9am.


Claudia said...

Wow- look at that carousel- that's amazing! So different than anything I've seen- love it! Glad she had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the careosel. The vanity, so good to control. Wow.