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Monday, May 14, 2007

WA...part 6, Wednesday

On Wednesday we went to the Burke Museum on the campus in Seattle. We took these pics outside, but weren't allowed to take any inside. Bug was SO excited to see "dinosaur skeletons...for REAL". The triceratops skull that was bigger than her body was quite impressive.

We then walked around the campus for a bit. Cousin Nick had met us at the museum, so he gave us a quick tour. Bug asked what "college" was. We explained and said that maybe she'd go to this school someday. She thought a moment and said "hmmm...I think I'll teach here". (she's planning to be a science teacher)

We were able to see Mt. Ranier a bit. Bug was thrilled to see yet another volcano.
Cousin Todd stopped by with his new truck. Bug was in awe. She had to be in it.
And she had to be on it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I have a joke for you;

Q; What comes after Seatle?

A; Teatle
Get it, teatle? Because s comes before t.