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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Picasso is dead!

Bug and I were looking at a book of art for kids. It had different artists in it and some of their works. First, we saw Jackson Pollock, painting. I said "he sure made some really interesting paintings, didn't he?" Bug, being Bug, picked up on "made" and said "did he DIE?" Ugh. I explained that yes, he had died....let's move on. Next up was Picasso....and she asked "is he dead?" Bug's daddy was there by this time, so he told her that he had lived and died many years ago. It was nearly 30 minutes later that we were able to leave the house to go to lunch. There was much crying. She was so upset. Hopefully we won't go through this with EVERY dead person we learn about.Oh, and while in Milwaukee she was given a couple of Hanson t-shirts. (it was that or Spice Girls) I told her "Bug, they were homeschooled". Ugh. Wrong phrasing. She hear the "were" and said "did they die?!"


denise said...

Oh my gosh, my oldest is at that exact point too. He is SO concerned and interested in it all. He found out yesterday that my dad had died when I was 18 (he asked specific questions until he was asking why his DAD had a father but his MOM doesn't have a father and why does HE have only ONE grandfather)...we have had to talk about it for a few hours in the last 2 days. What was he like, how did he die, what did he look like, what was his voice like, what kinds of things did he like, what was his favorite food/joke/music...why do people die, what happens, what does it feel :)

Anonymous said...

Someday, I am going to write a story about a boy who had no family. He was 5 years old, 3 months old, 3 days old, and he wanted to live. But a person shot him and he became dead. And the next thing he knew, he got back and went to heaven.