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Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's fair time!

We spent the day at a local county fair. It was a bit rainy when we got there and got VERY rainy for a bit, but turned into a beautiful day. We didn't tell Bug we were going, so she was a very happy girl when she spotted the midway. We'd taken her two years ago and she still talks about it.
Here she is on the ferris wheel. It was a very shaky ride and didn't appear to be very safe...of course, we didn't realize that until we were on it. It made for a cool picture, though.

Here's Bug and her dad on the family favorite: the tilt-a-whirl. We rode this many times. Early in the day the lines were short, which was nice.
Bug loved the dragon ride. The little girl with her grabbed Bug's hand while they were in line and asked "do you want to ride with me?" Then they were hugging.

The carousel is always fun...except when it crushes your foot! As I was helping Bug get on, another mom climbed on to help her kid. Well, I'm tall enough that I was standing on the ground while doing this and the whole thing shifted down onto my foot. It hurt so bad. I lost a bit of the outer layer of skin and I think I'll have some bruising. Not bad considering what it felt like. Bug was blissfully unaware.

Here she learns the joys of waiting in line.

Bug talked her dad, who doesn't care much for heights, to go on this ride. It moved quickly and lifted them way up in the air...occasionally dropping them a bit before going back up. Bug LOVED it. Daddy loved Bug enough to ride it twice!

Discovering that waiting in line can be a drag...or maybe it was having Mommy take one more pic.

Here's Bug checking out a rooster. She said that he was very soft.

How hot & humid did it get? Well....this llama was all over this fan....

We found a place for Bug to play. No, not a sandbox, a CORNbox!

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Anonymous said...

I can tell Stella had fun!