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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Holiday Stroll

We are in the midst of moving to another town/state. A friend from our hometown visited the new house today and brought me and Bug back to our hometown for the annual Holiday Stroll. It was chilly, but fun. Bug and I started by having some chili. Hard to eat with mittens on!

The girl was READY for the wind.
The highlight of the night was seeing Santa. Our first glimpse of him came when we spotted him riding on the firetruck at the end of the parade. Yay!

I hadn't told Bug about one last surprise. After they lit all of the Christmas lights downtown, they also lit a tree on the bluff. Then they had a short, but cool, fireworks show from the top of the bluff. Very fun. She was thrilled. We also ran into Aunt Peg and Cousin Ben (who just shot his first deer!), so that made the night even more fun.

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Anonymous said...

Santa is a wonderful person, I am going to see him this year. And Ian and Samntha can come!