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Monday, December 10, 2007

We have moved.

No photos for a while (until we have internet access at the new house), but I just wanted to post an update.

We're slowly getting settled. We have beds and a table to eat at, so things are good. Bug is thrilled, as the first night we were there we got SNOW. We've had 3 snowstorms in the 11 days we've been here. Oh, and ICE, too. Did I mention that our shovel was 90 miles away for the first storm? That was cool. We now have a shovel, ice chopper and ice melt, so we're ready for anything.

Bug hasn't spotted it yet (and I've only had a brief glimpse), but we've got a bunny in the area. We see fresh tracks every morning. When we got home last night, there were even tracks on our steps. Bug found that quite interesting.

We're off to see the Holiday Train today. That's always fun. Bug's only missed it once, and that was last year. Hopefully it won't be too cold.


Fairfielders said...

Wow! You are ahead of us - we don't have an ice chopper yet! We also have bunny tracks, but have not yet spotted the bunny. Mr. Opossum visited in the Fall, but he has not returned. Enjoy the train!

Anonymous said...

Does Stella have a hot cocoa set? I am asking this because I wanna know if she helps you out... i'd like to know.