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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bug's book....chapter 4

Chapter four: The Funeral
Kiara and Kovu's daddy came to his funeral. "*sob* he was only 10 when *sob* he *sob-sob* died." said Kiara. "I know." said Kovu's father.

"Let's put his belongings there!" said Kiara. "I agree." said Kovu's dad. ROARrrrr!! they roared.

The next day, Kiara gave birth to a new cub. His name was Theodore, because his whiskers were bluish-white-and-black.

This is a picture of Theodore.

But after birth, a cyclone raged! It tore their stone house to pebbels. And they said that maybe the go to Noah's Ark and find help.


Emily said...

Poor baby lion!!(

David LaRochelle said...

Wow, Stella, you sure have been busy! Congratulations on your surprise-filled book! I especially loved your energetic and expressive drawings. I bet someday I will see YOU presenting at the Anderson Children's Literature Festival.

Your friend,