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Monday, January 25, 2010

3M girls visit again.

My friend, M and her girls M & M visited us on Friday. The girls were all thrilled to have a no-homeschool day. First stop: the Children's Museum.

We have a Flat Stanley visiting us, so he came along for some photos. Here he is, on the weather map.

Helping Bug deliver the news.

Bug and M playing Neos. What a FUN game!

Of course, we had to go out for the best ice cream on the planet!

Flat Stanley even got to see how they make the waffle cones. Yum!

We went to the local university to check out the archaeology lab.

M took this after I climbed across the driver's seat to get in. There was too much snow on my side. I think she was just in awe that I could do this...or maybe jealous.

There's a small museum at our library. Right now they have several old vehicles there. This is a 1933 Oldsmobile that is the only one in existence. This one was used in the Johnny Depp movie, Public Enemies. There's a photo next to the car of Johnny standing in front of it. This car is huge and gorgeous.


russman said...

(laughing) great the flat Stanly pics...looking forward to another day with T & S!!!
Big M

Anonymous said...

Flat Stanley is the best doll I ever seen... EVER!!!!!