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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Meat Puppets!

Tonight was the big night...the Meat Puppets concert! Bug was pretty excited about it. Here she is as we're getting ready to leave.

Here she is outside the venue. She got many comments/compliments on her shirt from the folks who were hanging around, waiting for the doors to open.

She was asking how long it would be until we could go in when I told her to turn around...and she spotted Curt Kirkwood. (singer/guitarist) He remembered her from last summer, said he still had the note that she gave him and was more than happy to pose for a photo.

As soon as I was done taking that picture the rest of the band showed up. I was just going to get a shot of Bug with them but they insisted that Bug's dad & I join them. They all thought her shirt was pretty cool, too.

Bug had had Curt sign her "Too High to Die" CD cover last summer, but didn't get to meet Cris until tonight, so she had him sign it.

Cris asked Bug if there were any particular songs that she was hoping to hear. Her reply? "I'll write you a list." She got out her notebook and got to work. I think he was worried, but I knew that it would only have 2 songs on it: Coming Down and Flaming Heart. They played Coming Down, but we had to wake her up to hear it!

It was a long night for Bug. She did have fun, though.


They had some kid-sized shirts available, so we got her one. Her dad took it back and had the band sign it. Cris went a little crazy on the back.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

found this looking for Meat Puppets info.

Very cool!

They are great guys.

Bug's mom said...

Yes, they are very nice guys. We hope to see them again.