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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

School in the park.

The weather was great today (again) so Bug and I decided to take advantage of it (especially since they're calling for rain Fri.-Sun.).
We took care of math, narration and dictation at home, then got out the bike. We grabbed some lunch on the way and rode down to the park. Bug wanted a pic taken by this cannon.

After lunch we read Bruce Colville's retelling of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

We then threw the frisbee around for a while. At some point Bug decided that she just wanted to throw it by herself, so I tried to get some shots. The last one is blurry, but I like it.

After playing, we studied Mandarin for a while, then went out for ice cream. Yum. It was then time for karate class.

On our way home we picked up some bread and stopped at the park again to feed the ducks.

This one was very noisy. Bug said he was "double-quacking" at her...and that's exactly what it sounded like.

This squirrel chased 2 ducks away to get this.

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