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Tuesday, October 02, 2012


 After breakfast (more waffles!) we got on the streetcar again. Just days before we got there, they had opened a new line which crossed the river and went down to our destination....OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry). Here's Bug, ready to go.

While waiting to change streetcars, we took some pics by this wall. We don't know what it used to be. Anyone? There was a sign on it that said "history", but no details. 

We made it to OMSI!

The woman in the physics lab commented on my cheese curds t-shirt...we found out that she grew up in a town near ours. We had a great chat and she was very helpful.
Bug had fun turning the crank on this  Van de Graff Generator...I think that her dad enjoyed it, too!

I don't remember what this was called, but it was pretty cool. Bug got each of the 2 arms moving, then watched the pen on the paper. She did it twice...

and got this: 

On our way to the submarine tour! We went into the USS Blueback. Bug LOVED it!

We had a great tour guide. 

He answered any and all questions that Bug had and was amused, not annoyed when half of them were "Are we underwater yet?"

They had a doorway like this inside the building, where we lined up for the tour. If you couldn't fit through it without help, you could not take the tour. Bug didn't have to duck...I only hit my head once. 

 She's learning how to start the engines.

Outside the submarine with our tour guide, Darl. 

Looking at the list of subs on "eternal patrol". She was very concerned about this. 

They had some really cool skeletons and rocks inside the building. 

On our walk from the streetcar stop to the hotel, Bug found some tall, soft plants. 

We saw the front-end of a vehicle in another building, too, but only got a photo of this one. 

We then visited our new friends who made pizza for us. YUMMY!

Then Bug's dad had some business to take care of...


Kate said...
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Kate said...

The brick wall is the Eco Trust Building. It is called the Jean Vollum National Capital Center. The building faces 9th and the wall faces 10th with the parking lot between. It was originally the McCraken warehouse. They distributed Northwest area sandstone, lime etc. and other building material. When trucks replaced most rail they became a trucking terminal. The wall is a remnant of a second building that was deconstructed. It was left as a reminder of the past. John said he recognized the name McCraken because their trucking co. delivered bicycles to our shop in Bend in the 1980s.

Anonymous said...

That's a cool museum! I don't know if I would do the generator, though.