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Monday, October 08, 2012

Our last day in Portland, and the train ride home.

 The last waffle...

Heading to the elevator.

 There was a jar like this, full of salt water taffy, on every table in the lobby.

 We spent the morning in the hotel, then went to my sister's place until it was time to go to the station. Bug spent some time reading.

Me, Bug & my sister.

 Bug with her aunt & uncle at the train station. SOMEONE forgot her sunglasses.

We had coach tickets, but because we didn't spend all of our money...we upgraded to a family room. It was the last available room on the train.  Bug was happy.

We were in the last car, which meant that we could go upstairs and all the way to the back to get views like this. 

Bug likes the top bunk. 

The view of the train car from our room, though we usually had the door shut.

 In the dining car, working on a new story.

 Bug standing outside one of the windows in our room. We had one on the other side of the train, as well.

Bug with Ralph, our room attendant. Nice guy. 

I believe that Bug's dad took this photo during the stop in St. Paul. Very cool.

More reading...
 Hobbes was tired. He's wrapped in an Amtrak scarf that one of the crew gave to Bug. He's resting his head on the pillow that Bug's new pal in Portland made.

Still working on the new story.

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Hope your story goes well!