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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Celebration of MN Children's Authors & Illustrators

We went back to my hometown for this annual event. We've gone every year since Bug was 3, I think. First, thought, we had to stop at our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. Here's Bug pointing at the line where they marked her height just before we moved 22 months ago.

Bug thought that the book, Two Old Potatoes and Me, by John Coy, looked like fun. He was kind enough to sign it and pose for a photo. He insisted that we move away from the window and use this as a backdrop. Very nice.

Lise Lunge-Larsen was a GREAT storyteller. She had Bug laughing, cowering and jumping with her stories about trolls in Norway. (she's a knitter, too...gotta love that!)

Here is Bug with Stephen Gammell. We met him the first time we attended this event. His artwork is SO cool. If you haven't seen it, go find some.
As we got to the bottom of the stairs, we spotted the children's librarian. We hadn't seen her in quite a while. There were smiles all around.

Bug waits with her dad for her turn on the stilts.

They must be snug.


Time to walk around the tree.

Bug got to meet her newest cousin, too!

I forgot to get a pic of the tower, but I took pics FROM the tower. (76 steps to the a spiral)

Of course, there were stories to be heard at the top.

Back on the ground, Bug found friends and they became a....lion? dragon?

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