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Doris Mae

Doris Mae
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Raccoons and beavers and squirrels...oh my!

Bug and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather today and spend the morning outside. We took the bus as close to our favorite park as it would go, then walked the final 5 blocks or so. Bug found this cozy spot along the way and crouched down inside with her skunk puppet, Rosario.

Bug had to stop and read the sign by this tree. It gave us information about trees that were donated to the park.

The dog statues mark the entrance to the park.

Inside our new ecocenter, Bug wanted to take photos of the stuffed animals. Her camera batteries turned out to be dead, so I loaned her my camera. She also did a drawing of this squirrel.

Bug thought that the beaver display was pretty cool.
Here she is, holding a beaver tail!

We then took a walk through the marsh. A walk with Bug isn't complete unless she finds something dead...
While Bug was investigating this, a biology professor from the university was walking by with some students. She stopped to see what Bug had found and had a short chat with her about how cool dead animals are...

After our walk, we went to the playground. We ate a quick lunch and managed to NOT get stung by the bees that were hanging around. I was then able to get a photo of the elusive Purple-Headed Goofy Bird, while it was flapping around above the sand box.

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Emily said...

What is that thing? That dead thing on the ground! Yeah, that! Does Stella know?