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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Discovery World - Les Paul's House of Sound

There were so many things to look at and read in this exhibit. Bug's dad & I could have spent the whole visit there.

I love this picture of Bug and her dad.

This wheel rotated and when you strummed the strings, you could see the vibration very clearly.

This was shallow water in a tray. You could turn the knobs on the black box to change the frequency of the sound and the water would react to it.

Bug's dad, teaching the girls about this old phonograph.

This is an old railroad tie with a guitar string on it.

Bug and her cousin, M, looking at a record with a microscope.

This was cool! The tube was filled with styrofoam beads. As you changed the sound, the movement of the beads would change.
There's a small camera aimed at the 2 strings. As you strum them, they are shown on the screen. There's also an oscilloscope off to the right, showing you the wave forms.

This display shows a Les Paul guitar from beginning (plank of wood) to end.

We want one of these for our house! As you set the blocks on the table, they would make a sound. You would also see the sound waves, in a green light, in the table. The sound would continue as long as the block was there, so that you could add other blocks and, therefore, other sounds. All 4 of us played with this for a while.

Bug and her dad, experimenting with an interesting keyboard.

There was a lot of hands-on stuff here.

If you're ever in Milwaukee, you MUST go to Discovery World. We will definitely be going back.

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Emily said...

Hi guys!! Thanks for posting, and as you can see, I have a cold. I just sneezed twice and I feel terrible!